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Flexitank for the chemical industry has played what role


 Flexitank in the chemical industry has made a wide range of applications, a few years ago, by the impact of the global financial crisis sharply lower crude oil prices and other factors, withering product demand, product sales difficult, refined oil, lubricating oil stocks gradually rise. The face of difficulties, g petrochemical sales by strengthening joint, optimizing the operation of the adjustment of product structure and other measures to achieve a basic balance production and sales, to ensure smooth production posterior.
In production, the company increased coordination and communication with the Xinjiang Oilfield, optimize the structure of crude oil into the plant, due to lower processing volume. Meanwhile, the adjustment of product structure refined oil to produce low pour diesel-based, market-oriented oil production places.
Faced with tough market conditions, sales company continues to accelerate the progress of manufactured products, optimize Pipeline transportation, while expanding Flexitank mode of transport, greatly reducing the risk of four hydrogenation product quality transit.
On the marketing approach, in addition to constantly explore new users, loyal customers, such as the implementation of price leverage flexible marketing measures to strengthen the trust of customers for the company. To reduce the risk of customers, the company and the nature of products for different customer characteristics, taking spot sales, total rolling stock a variety of innovative sales approach forward, forward sales, the company's efficiency and customer interests tied together, gained considerable significant effect.
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