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On principle watertight rubber bladders


 We know that water can be said to be pervasive, water transport is very harsh conditions, such as who can not earn with a bag of water, with a plastic bag, or a dedicated bladders can hold water is, and why.
In fact, very simple and can be understood, mainly water molecules through the gap will surely be leaking, if the gap is the water molecules can not pass, then can be installed in the water is such a principle, so to play one example, as we eat fruits, with a string bag filled it, so they took the string bag loaded peaches Well, if installed peaches string bag to pack peanuts, Flanagan will miss, and if that string bag fitted grapefruit the words will be installed very strong.
We go back to the process water balloon filled with water, the bladders of film is divided into two, first of all we say first, that film is mainly relying on the integration of particles, this gap is relatively large ; while the second is to rely on the agglomeration between molecules to form a film, so the strength is equivalent to a chopstick is smiling, and the power of a chopstick is enormous, so is relatively dense, and gap even less. The first is called an emulsion type, a second commonly referred to as solvent-based, or better compared to the effect of solvent-based storage, but we have a saying prettier rose thorn more, for there is a solvent-certain dangers in the production, use, will cause harm to people and the environment, it is in fact usually or first emulsion type.
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