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Inherent advantages in the use of the storage tank has


 Flexitank currently used quite widely in the market, whether in industry or in life, are subject to the majority of users are welcome, safe and convenient by virtue of its unique advantages, firmly occupy the market.
No special requirements for the area, if you do not need a combination of foundation treatment sites, even the mud can be placed container house, put down the box shipped to the site through the external power can be used immediately, without any on-site installation cloth electricity needs .
Convenient transportation is very convenient, just a short distance truck can move a whole, fluid bags just a flatbed trailer and the truck can move over the whole distance.
Flexitank has a very high service life, cost savings can be used to reduce energy consumption, according to five years if a project done, in whole or in part can be immediately moved to another new project, you can do so at least seven projects and not to repeat another building, so repeat purchases than other temporary housing facilities to build savings and efficient.
Container house design cost is from the office to the field of housing security considerations,, fluid bags have some design considerations in our office box, in northern Russia and other cold windy regions also have customers use our container house.
Flexitank in other areas also have a very wide range of applications, we are talking about only two main areas.
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