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Flexitank before use should pay attention to what


 Flexitank is the rise in recent years a new type of transport and storage products, due to the transport sector in recent years, hot, hot leads to new modes of transport fluid bags, the product compared to traditional means of transport, such as barrels, etc., lower its cost of cost, liquid types can carry more diverse, more economical and practical, due to fluid bags compared to other traditional tools in terms of its tightness received the restrictions, before use should be right, liquid bag for cleaning and inspection.
In preparing the loading flexitank when the inner wall of the container should, as well as thoroughly clean the bottom of the box, the dust box with the inside of the magazine thoroughly cleaned, after the completion of the cleaning of the inside of the container should be checked to see if there are iron bottom protruding nails and other sharp objects, if they are not normal bump sharp rough surface, can be overridden using the tape, iron at the bottom, and the nails must be clear that if there is a need to use tools to clean up, loading be sure to thoroughly inspect the goods before and clean, otherwise it will cause the fluid bag breakage, resulting in the loss of goods, such a loss is quite enormous.
To avoid this situation, and therefore should first thoroughly check before loading, eliminate all risks, compared with the prior examination afterthought, of course, is relatively simple to prevent it in advance, so take the time to check the advance there is nothing like the.
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