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How to prevent surface rust generation storage tank


 We often say that the storage tank is generally applicable to civil construction, hotels and restaurants in the reservoir, is the traditional cement pools, fiberglass pools ideal alternative, let's introduce the storage tank is there any way in the rust-proof yet.
With a wire brush, grinder, cutter and other tools for surface treatment, out of the surface dirt, old paint, rust and other items.
Angular portion should adopt appropriate paint remover, rust remover or rust using steel flat shovel cleanup, when using hand or power tool, they should not use the metal surface damaged or deformed tools and make them the means .
Applications must be three-core power lead cable, power outlet should be rubber shell.
We deal with a good metal surface with a brush, facial surface cleaned to ensure no surface dust and other pollutants.
Rust request was cleaned surface is not rust and grease surface dust and other debris, the metal surface can show obvious metal color.
Tank corrosion resistance strong, relatively light weight, maintenance and repair them are quite easy, relatively generous style appearance, both inside and outside are very smooth, non-toxic, tasteless, acid and alkali, high temperature, impact resistance, transport convenient, more suitable for oil and other chemical industries.
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