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Alcohol benefits of using Flexitank transport


  Flexitank is a new type capable of storing and transporting a variety of non-hazardous liquid chemicals in the container, we mentioned that today is the largest volume of about 25,000 liters of wine bag, it can just be placed within 20 feet high container. Fluid bags composite material made from multiple layers, including four food-grade PE liners, plus a layer of PP woven bags.
Rabobank (Rabobank) since 2001, will focus on the new world wine trade survey found that wine transport (on bottled wine and transportation perspective) changes the maximum. In 2001, the use of large-scale transport of Flexitank wine accounted for 22% of New World wine exports, and the remaining 78% through bottled transportation. By 2010, the original wine transport share has more than 40% share of less than 60 percent of bottled transportation.
What makes the New World Wine Trade Transportation gradually changed from bottled wine exports? The answer is "green giant" green here has two meanings, the first is environmental protection, a bottle of wine than the original weight of the heavy wine, a bottle of 750 ml bottles of wines accounted for more than 40% by weight of the total weight of this wine. In order to reduce the carbon footprint of wine instead of a bottle of wine to be a very effective method of transport.
The world's largest wine retailer Tesco (Tesco) done a good job in this regard, they imported wine, with screw cap, lightweight glass bottles, producing its own brand.
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