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Weifang honest liquid bag Co. Ltd.
Contact: Manager Ren
Hand machine: 13695466188
Contact: Manager Wang
Hand machine: 13031676251
Address: Weifang city Fangzi District Huang Qi Bao Street Office Road old cinema

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♦ Frank as we provide common digester design 2014-12-28
♦ Frank analysis bladders price for everyone 2014-12-28
♦ We provide some of the liquid bag standards 2014-12-28
♦ Some of the demand for agricultural bladders 2014-12-28
♦ Flexitank trend and trends in the current logistics industry 2014-12-28
♦ Flexitank tips 2014-12-28
♦ Meaning of Flexitank 2014-12-28
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Weifang Tancheng Flexitank Co. Ltd.
  Telephone:13695466188 13031676251 Web site:
  E-mail:      skpe:jacksonguanyu
  Address: Weifang City Fangzi Fort Street office a yellow road inside the old cinema

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