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 We often say that the liquid storage tank bag equivalent role is primarily used for containing liquid. The Flexitank name suggests, is used to store containers to transport liquid, then the product in the end what is it, let's take a closer look.
Flexitank widely used, the main purpose is to all aspects of various chemical, petroleum, food and agricultural products, is a new storage technology to transport and storage containers of various types of non-hazardous liquid cargo. On non-dangerous liquid transport alternative to those traditional price is relatively high, tanks and CRC and other packaging, cost-play goal.
The capacity of the product is very large, up to twenty-four thousand kilograms, compared to traditional packaging CRC, more cost savings, and the product is different from the traditional products do not need to pay the return shipping costs, and need cleaning. And can effectively avoid contamination, greatly reducing the cost of handling a variety of packaging and materials management, the product complies with the requirements of environmental protection and food packaging, environmental pollution. Suitable for all types of transportation, such as, land, rail, sea and so on.
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