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 Weifang frank fluid bags Co., Ltd. engaged in the production and export of bags for many years and has accumulated a lot of experience, summed up the following Flexitank several tips.
First, container selection, best selection box age not exceeding thirty-ton three-box must be realistic marine railway and highway transportation requirements, the inner tank door must meet the requirements of its installation, each a door lock boxes must be well-prepared. Must keep the box clean, dry and free of pollution. Special attention when loading food goods must choose food for me.
Second, inside the container clean, need to carefully examine the ground wall, take action against possible risks, such as grinding or replacement. Check the fluid bag packaging box is damaged, if significant damage should be replaced immediately.
Third, prepare fence, stand and bezel locks closely, move the fence to the right tight container in the loading and unloading process should be left door is closed.
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