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Flexitank trend and trends in the current logistics industry


 First, the use of the product, in recent years, the rise of a new edge from abroad bulk liquid packaging, that is, we often say Flexitank, the logistics industry in China, the development of quite rapid and accelerating human development signs.
The product is liquid packaging containers, mainly composed of polyethylene film and polypropylene woven, large capacity can be achieved twenty-four thousand liters, with a very popular current environmental degradation characteristics can meet the country's environmental requirements. This product is suitable for a temperature of twenty degrees quasi containers, suitable costumes mobility at room temperature is not solidified liquid materials, loading and unloading of the product, generally require a pump to assist the completion of the job.
 Second, the product advantages in logistics foothold, the product with excessive cutting, tailor may be, to avoid excessive material exposed to air, which reduces the chance of producing microorganism, readily biodegradable disposable, to avoid environmental pollution , also greatly beneficial for environmental protection.
Transportation safety of the product can be guaranteed, in strict accordance with national standards, the manufacturer supervision, strict control process to ensure product at a relatively complex transportation conditions, the product can greatly save logistics costs, calculated , saving package forty per unit transportation costs.
Third, the product is in the foreground of the current development of the logistics industry outlook, the promotion of the product to achieve a change of logistics equipment. Greatly improving the efficiency, and cost savings, the product through its unique advantages, began to gradually occupy the market, has a very good development prospects.
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