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We provide some of the liquid bag standards


 We provide a number of related standards liquid bag, the bag was marked as a production factory, surrounding many of the manufacturers have to consult us some standard of some of the industry, in fact, can be found to the Internet, but it may be some not so professional, today we are here to provide you the most comprehensive look at the latest industry standards.
China executed a long time ago is GB / T 10454-1989, which is the beginning of a program, now based on this modification, now complete with the latest industry standard GB / T10454-2000, let's take a simple introduce this standard.
1, the industry-standard implementation of the object volume between 0.5 to 2.3 cubic meters, the gravity of between 500-3000 kg.
2, a lot of bags are for export, where we also show you what the different standards between countries.
Japanese standard: jis z1651-1988
British standard: bs6382
Austand: as3668-1989
European standard: EN1898-2000 EN277-1995
Here to show you this, if you have any knowledge of bags or questions, you can call our call, we will answer them frankly.
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