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Weifang honest liquid bag Co. Ltd.
Contact: Manager Ren
Hand machine: 13695466188
Contact: Manager Wang
Hand machine: 13031676251
Address: Weifang city Fangzi District Huang Qi Bao Street Office Road old cinema


The quality of survival. The quality of management at the center of production and management, and constantly improve the quality management system to continuously improve and enhance product quality and service quality.

  Innovation and development. "Innovation is the soul," and only constant innovation, companies will have a competitive, will maintain long-term vitality. Innovations include aspects of enterprise system innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, and technological innovation is the foundation.

  In order to expand market integrity. "Honesty is honest and trustworthy." Frank fluid bags abide by the credit and fulfill its commitment to quality, service, delivery and meet the needs of users, has a good reputation among customers.

  Our Recruitment agents around, Careers, and seek common development

Weifang Tancheng Flexitank Co. Ltd.
  Telephone:13695466188 13031676251 Web site:
  E-mail:      skpe:jacksonguanyu
  Address: Weifang City Fangzi Fort Street office a yellow road inside the old cinema

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