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The application field of water bag products


Water sac price -- water sac is a kind of widely used products are industry, agriculture, it is the price we will concern. Weifang honest liquid bag Co. Ltd production of various water bag, water bag, soft methane tank, liquid bag, is a set of water bag, water bag, soft methane pool design, production, sales as one of professional enterprises.


1, the scope of application


It is widely used in various fields of petroleum, chemical, industrial production, fire protection, construction engineering, farming irrigation, water recycle treatment of various industrial waste water, temporary. Apply to temporary or long term storage of drinking water, juice, milk and other food grade liquid cargo, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, industrial oil, acid alkaline chemicals, non organic solvent, chemicals, industrial wastewater.


2, the scope of application of the storage of drinking water


Ground water bag can be used for a large number of shortage of water in the desert, the family can use it to store rainwater or living water use, can also be used their washing or irrigation garden, and the ground water bag can also be used for fire protection, forest fire etc.; food grade materials bag can be filled with drinking water, fruit juice and milk etc..


Weifang honest liquid bag Co., the company mainly produces all kinds of water sac, oil sac, biogas bags and other plastic products, is a set of water sac, oil bag, liquid bag, biogas bag such as R & D, design, production, sales for the integration of professional manufacturing enterprise.


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