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Weifang honest liquid bag Co. Ltd.
Contact: Manager Ren
Hand machine: 13695466188
Contact: Manager Wang
Hand machine: 13031676251
Address: Weifang city Fangzi District Huang Qi Bao Street Office Road old cinema

About us

   Weifang honest liquid bag Co. Ltd.the company currently employs 200 people, including five management staff, technical staff and 19; the company since its inception, with "excellence, customer first" philosophy, attaches great importance to the quality of products and services quality. Scientific and strict management process, improve the manufacturing process, strict quality control measures to ensure that the company's product quality. Its products cover more than 20 provinces nationwide, the company always adhere to market demand-oriented to the pursuit of customer satisfaction as the goal, won the majority of customer support and love.
       Our main products are water bladders, fluid bags, bags of biogas projects, oil bag, water beds, inflatable boats and other products, the products are environmentally friendly, innovative, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation, anti-freeze, lightweight and practical features, widely used in Flexitank drought bladders, bridges and other pre-press packaging and transportation of liquid products related to agriculture, chemicals, transportation and other areas in coastal areas. Meanwhile, the company can build a variety of caustic tank, liquid acid pools according to the size of the new and old customers processing.

Weifang Tancheng Flexitank Co. Ltd.
  Telephone:13695466188 13031676251 Web site:
  E-mail:      skpe:jacksonguanyu
  Address: Weifang City Fangzi Fort Street office a yellow road inside the old cinema

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